Submission Guidelines

Each team is required to submit their conceptual solution, which will consisting of the application of a combination of new technologies and innovative business models to solve their chosen problem.


  1. Each team is required to submit a 3~5 minute Project Video to present their proposed solutions, which must be named as follows: “[Team Name]_2019 SMART 2.0 Proposal.”
  2. The submitted Project Video is required to be in English.
  3. Each Project Video is required to contain the following mandatory sections:
    • TEAM NAME;
    • a description of THE CHALLENGE that your team is trying to solve;
    • the STRATEGY involving the combination of suggested technologies and business models comprising your team’s proposed solution. Your team should place an emphasis on the novelty and value to society of your team’s solution;
    • the IMPACT of the implementation of your team’s solution.

Please send your team’s Project Video to or upload to Google Drive and email us the share link.

Evaluation Method

The teams will compete for monetary prizes. Each team will work together online with each other and their faculty adviser(s).

The proposed projects will be judged based on the following criteria:



Utilization of cross-cultural differences as an asset


Innovations the of proposed solution
Hotel & Restaurant


Demonstration of understanding the underlying issues



Proposed strategies to educate the public
Hotel & Restaurant


Effectiveness of your team’s plans to
implement your findings in the real world